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Strong branding guidelines have so many benefits for your business. It is estimated that 75% of a company's value lies in their brand. While branding is an intangible asset, the massive value that lies within your brand is priceless.

A company's logo is the center of their brand identity, how  customers recognize products and services. Creating a custom brand mark that showcases your business, and differentiates your brand, is an important step in creating a successful business with longevity.

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Tori Lake Branding

Branding goes far beyond design and logo, it is what sets your product or service apart from your competitors. It is your company's purpose, values, who you want to help. It is the way you conduct your business, the things that set you apart from your competitors. Branding is the reason that consumers are willing to pay more for a product, rather than go with the cheapest option, only thinking of cost difference. 

By developing all these strategically, your brand is set up for success. Branding and marketing go hand in hand, and setting your business up for success at the start will likely save you from an uphill battle in the future.

Creating coherence throughout your brand helps build customer trust and loyalty, making each piece of your business feel seamless in a consumer's mind. 


Developing a cohesive brand for your company off the bat will save you both time and money down the road. Begin your business journey the right way, creating a strong brand that stands out from your competitors.

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O2T Branding Mockup.png
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- Logo design, included 3 initial concepts with multiple iterations

- Multiple final logo presentations (full, wordmark, submark, social media versions)

- Typography guidelines

- Brand color palette

- Alternate logo presentation guidelines

- Stationery design: business card, letterhead, watermark 

- Social media:

       - Instagram highlight covers

       - facebook + linkedin banners

- 6+ brand stock images

- Optional add on: branded instagram post + story templates 

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